Certifications acquired by INDEVCO Paper Making


IPM is committed to engage in sustainability initiatives to protect our natural resources and develop our community.

The division mills comply with international environmental standards, such as EU timber regulations, and supplies FSC-certified products.

Water management initiative at INDEVCO Paper Making

Water Management

IPM has reduced its fresh water consumption by installing new clarification equipments, enabling higher degree of water recirculation.

Recycling initiative at INDEVCO Paper Making


IPM produces recycled tissue paper by recycling pre- and post consumer paper which helps in protecting natural resources and promotes a culture of sustainability.

Energy management initiative at INDEVCO Paper Making

Energy Management

IPM has implemented numerous energy saving processes throughout its manufacturing facilities for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption and decreasing carbon footprint.


  • IPM reduced the load placed on the power grid, by achieving a 92% power factor in its plants, through the installation of a new specialized equipment
  • Modified high efficient air to air heat exchange economizer on paper machine hood
  • Biomass boiler operating on biomass waste instead of fossil fuel
  • Heat Recovery boilers installed on diesel generator exhausts
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